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The vibrant culture of India has continued to charm the travelers who come in large numbers to witness the natural beauty of the country. To guide you more on the different aspects of traveling through the differebt regions of the country, Travel Magazine India comes in handy. Before you embark on your journey to India, you need to keep certain things in mind.

On entering India foreign tourists have to fill up Currency Declaration Form and Disembarkation Card. Foreign nationals who are planning to travel to India are required to make a written declaration of the baggage they are carrying. Travel magazine India provides varied details on the legal vaccination medicines which a foreign tourist has to show while they tour round the country.

Tourists who have a visa permit of 180 days must acquire a Registration certificate from any of the Indian government owned tourist offices. If you're in search for language interpreters and English guides you can go through Travel magazine India regarding the availability of guides in different parts of the country.

As per the regulations of India government a foreign tourist needs a special permission to travel to parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Tripura.There are various means of transport communication in India to get details on the availability of trains and flights in different parts of the country travel magazine India serves the best purpose. Its important to note that the official domestic carrier in India is known as Indian Airlines with a vast network connects that spreads more than 70 Indian cities.

Also the foreign travelers are entitled to special pass which usually consists of a single non-transferable ticket that enables a visitor to travel on any train in India within a stipulated period of time. To know abouty the latest fare charts in such charts, travel magazine India gives you varied details on the tour package that are available for foreign tourists. For first-class sleeper tickets the fare is US$135 for a period of seven days; US$198 for 21 days; US$248 for a month; US$400 for 2 months and US$530 covering 3 months.

Tourist Places in India:

Are you planning for India Tours! Then we offer you detailed information and relevant updates on the varied tourist attraction spots of the country. If you're on a vacation to India a visit to these places offers you fascinating glimpses of the rich art and culture of the country. Moreover some of these places are also well reckoned for their unique natural beauty.

Taj Mahal — Regarded as “Seven Wonders of The World” this marvelous architectural wonder leaves every tourist awe-struck. Built by Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his wife this wonderful dome structure presents fascinating glimpses of Mughal art and history. Located in the historic city of Agra its just 200 kms away from New Delhi

Kerala — Situated towards the Southern part of India the state attracts the highest number of tourists from different parts of the world. The serene calm backwaters, the lush green coastal paddy fields and age old temples contributes to its added attraction. You can get more information on this through India Travel news.

Rajasthan — Home to some of the wide array of luxuriously designed palaces and mansions, it also houses some of the best luxury hotels in India. Also widely known for its vivid festivities, colorful historic forts and rich tradition.

Goa — Wide stretches of crystal clear blue beaches and well designed age-old white churches makes Goa the best place to spend a lovely vacation. Also the cool weather of the state along with fine hospitality services and scope for innumerable recreation activities contributes in making Goa the best beach destination.

To know more about the varied tourist attractions in the country travel magazine India serves your best guide!

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