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While Traveling to India Do's and Don'ts


  • Live up to the proper dress code maintaining decency and decorum at a place of worship. While in a Gurudwara or Dargah, one must cover his/her head with a cloth.
  • Equip yourself with comprehensive maps of the places proposed to be visited in India.
  • It is sensible to cover yourself with proper travel insurance for thefts or any kind of loss.
  • Dispose of your rubbish in a proper way, by not littering roads, streets and public places.
  • Make it a point to exchange money only through authorized banks or certified moneychangers.
  • Carry sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat wherever you travel in India.
  • Carry an International Driving License, which can be obtained through the Automobile Association. In case you are not driving, bring your driver’s license with photo for identification.


  • You are strictly prohibited to enter a temple, dargah, tomb, or Gurudwara with your shoes on. Some of the Hindu and Jain temples do not allow leather articles. Do not wear black clothes while visiting a Jain temple.
  • Do not give indulgence to the beggars by conferring them with money or other articles.
  • Avoid public show of personal affection, particularly while in smaller cities and villages.
  • Avoid leaving your cash and valuables in your hotel rooms while you go out for sightseeing or any other purpose. Distribute your cash in different pockets.
  • Do not consume anything offered by fellow passengers on public transport.
  • Do not drink water from any unknown source. Strictly stick to drinking bottled water only.
  • Do not take photographs women without their consent.

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